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    Augmented Reality: Hacking The Kinect


    The Kinect is more than the power behind the XBOX 360. Since its debut in late 2010, Microsoft Kinect has been a favorite plaything of video artists and experiential developers.

    Recently opened in South Korea, Live Park is the world’s first 4D avatar theme park. Think Cirque du Soleil meets EPCOT. (Or Burning Man. But Live Park is indoors.) Using RIFD and Kinect technologies, the 10,000 meter space is a hands-on virtual wonderland where park-goers are are active participants rather than mere observers.

    At Inphantry, we have yet to build a virtual theme park (just give us a little time), but we have created prototypes for motion-sensor games designed for branded events and retail spaces. Hacking the Kinect creates a fully-interactive, augmented reality environment that fosters engagement and increases brand recognition.

    In our virtual soccer drill, individual players must kick the “ball” to knock out falling targets to stay in the game. Much like in similar music and dance-oriented simulation games, every time a user eliminates a gold target, they rack up “star power.”



    The inclusion of social integration allows the user to also share the game and their results with their friends through multiple social networking platforms. Through the API, we can even add facial-recognition to the experience.

    This is just one of the ways we screw around at Inphantry.




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Inphantry: Infantry Headquarters in Boston, MA

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