Delta MSG Gateway

Digital Installation Design + Development

Client: Delta Airlines | Agency: MKG

Madison Square Garden, known in many circles as the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” is also home to the Delta Gateway to MSG. Created as part of the iconic arena’s grand re-opening, Inphantry was hired to enhance the design and back-end of the digital installation. It was optimized to be fluid and flexible, giving Madison Square Garden and Delta complete control for anything they wanted to do in the future.


Utilizing the giant 4K resolution display, our task was to build an ever-changing and relevant dashboard with a functioning custom content management system (CMS). This made it possible to add events, branded content, social feeds, travel info or anything MSG-related. With the arena’s daily average of 35,000 visitors, the display became a digital showcase for people from all over the world.


The dashboard was designed to show pre-, post- and in-game moments of the Knicks, Rangers and Liberty. It was also set up to cycle in stats and highlights, giving visitors an instant fix of info on their favorite teams, right from Delta’s Gateway to MSG. In addition to highlights and content, Delta was given the ability to display targeted messages asking users to “Check-in” to the Gateway for special promos.


And now for the sexy stuff! The Gateway’s CMS was built to be intuitive, with functionality similar to common native computer calendar projects. We also added features specific to Delta and MSG’s needs, so they could schedule the layouts and templates of the Gateway to MSG ahead of time for automated deployment. Other things Inphantry developed? Real-time previews of the content and layouts before pushing any of the templates live, as well as the ability to change all of the above as needed, on the fly and with no technical assistance.

CMS screen for scheduling all content to appear on large screen