Concept / Design + Development

Client: HSBC | Agency: Grey

HSBC kicked off a series of events targeting business owners and potential clients in several core markets. Their primary goal was to set themselves apart from competitors by providing an informative and immersive touchscreen experience for their current and prospective clients.


HSBC wanted to demonstrate their comfort with emerging technologies and reinforce their position as an industry leader in banking. From the moment attendees checked in to the moment they left, every interaction at these events was designed to be innovative and touchscreen oriented. To help bring this paneled event to life, Inphantry created a second screen experience with the use of iPads, iPods and 10+ HDTVs. The idea behind the interactions was to enhance each attendee’s overall experience at the event, just as HSBC’s global services would.

Bringing elite banking to life

HSBC hosted a cocktail hour for attendees prior to the series panel. Several HDTVs were featured throughout the event space with a custom-built interactive map, showcasing various global trade routes, complete with country to country information regarding imports and exports. Event attendees could interact with these large displays and learn how HSBC was impacting the global marketplace on a daily basis, as well as engage with the same digital experience on iPads conveniently placed throughout the cocktail room.



Because all guests received iPods, attendees could contribute to the discussion immediately, answering questions about the global economy during HSBC’s live panel. Complete with WiFi and a custom-made back-end application with real-time engagement on over seven screens, HSBC was well-equipped to engage local business owners within a changing economy, giving them increased awareness of HSBC’s global services.