J.P. Morgan @ The US OPEN

Design + Development

Client: J.P. Morgan | Agency: MKG

The U.S. Open, held in Flushing Meadows, New York, is one of the world’s longest standing tennis tournaments dating back to the late 1800s. J.P. Morgan, a long-established sponsor of the tournament, wanted to capture attendees’ attention in an educational and interactive way. Via three separate installations, Inphantry crafted a historical timeline of J.P. Morgan’s involvement with the U.S. Open, an iPad tennis game, and a video feed of the current tournament and highlights of past tournaments.

 Top Spin Trainer

The Top Spin Trainer game we created allowed tournament goers to use the custom-built iPad kiosk to race against time and hit as many targets with tennis balls as they could. By swiping on the iPad, users would fling tennis balls towards targets on the large display in front of them and earn points based on their accuracy. Their score would then be submitted to the leaderboard for other attendees to see and compete against.


Historical Timeline

With such a rich history and archives full of photos and memorabilia dating from 1881, there was no shortage of content on the U.S. Open to share. Our challenge was to present the information in a digestible way that wasn’t overwhelming to users. Attendees were given full control to scroll through a visual timeline of the tournament on a kiosk. By swiping up on any section of the iPad, they were able to view specific images on a larger display with additional details and context.