Marvin @ 7 Tide

Brand Experience Center Design + Development

Client: A.W. Hastings

Every Marvin Window and Door is made to order, one at a time. They offer craftsman-quality construction, energy-efficient technology and the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options. Offering an unparalleled value in the market, Marvin wanted to evoke this same feeling with their in-store experience at the 7 Tide Building in Boston’s Seaport District. Something their competitors couldn’t duplicate. This is where Inphantry came in.


It’s one thing to see and feel a product, but it’s a whole other experience to build and preview custom windows and doors designed by you. A centerpiece of the Marvin Experience Center at 7 Tide was the Tactile Touch Table: it crafted photo-realistic renders of Marvin’s custom woods, colors, casings and more—allowing for two people at a time to mix and match their future windows and doors.


The table housed over 10,000 different renderings and mockups (all digitally crafted in 360° animations), so viewers, attendees and architects alike could interact with whatever combination they wanted and envision what their future home might look like. It also included a CRM system where users could save and send their favorite mockups to themselves (or Marvin) via email or phone number, encouraging future visits to the showroom.


The other part of the experience center Inphantry designed and developed was a life-size projection wall and a custom app loaded with Marvin products. Brand ambassadors in the 7 Tide Building could use this high-definition projector to display photo-realistic and true-to-scale render of windows and doors in front of customers.


Using a tablet and the app we designed, Marvin employees were able to showcase photos of houses on a 14’ x 20’ projection wall, as well as take custom creations that the customer liked and edit them in real time. The experience we built allowed the customer to edit their windows and doors on the app as well. Overall, Marvin says this tool (as well as the Tactile Touch Table) has made a noticeable difference in how they sell, enabling their customers to imagine what their brand can do for them in ways that weren’t possible before.


Below is a promotional video we casted, filmed and produced showcasing the Marvin Brand Experience Center at the 7 Tide Building. It features visitors demoing both the Tactile Touch Table and the high-def Projection Wall, with commentary from Marvin’s Market Development Manager Barbara Bradlee.