NFL Network Fan Zone Experience

In close association with Civic Entertainment Group and Scheimpflug, Inphantry helped launch a project for the NFL called the, ‘Fan Zone Experience’ which kicked off last week at the Washington Redskin’s training camp.

The NFL in past years, has given access to fans of their respective teams an “Inside look” into training camps, to see how players prep for the upcoming season.

This year, the NFL wanted to give back to the fans and craft an experience to showcase the best ‘end zone moments’ known from players around the league. To execute this idea, the NFL tapped Civic Entertainment Group to create a digital experience at the following teams training camps; Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and The New York Jets.

Civic then tapped Scheimpflug as an on-site hardware and logistics team, while then tapping our team here at Inphantry to execute the digital app build of this ‘Fan Zone Moment’ experience on the Microsoft Surface. The Official tablet for the NFL. 

The idea was simple: Give fans of their respective teams the chance to log into an app (built on and for the Microsoft Surface Tablet) and then show off their favorite ‘end zone moment’ or touchdown dance, and record them doing so.

The Execution. This NFL Network ‘Fan Zone Moment’ launched at the beginning of the Redskin’s training camp and was staffed by brand ambassadors, who then invited fans at training camp to fill out their information on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. After signing the waiver and completing their info, they were ushered in front of an NFL branded stage (set up by Scheimpflug) who would then record a video of the fan doing their best version of an end zone dance, such as the ‘Dab’ or the ‘Bernie.’

Users were then sent their videos via a manual ID platform, which Inphantry built and was run on-site by Scheimpflug. This back-end admin portal allowed them to manually sync a rendered video to the participant who just went through the experience. This was to avoid any confusion and to ensure the correct video was emailed to the right user.

Typically, we can create an automatic setting for videos to be sent, but for this experience, it made sense to do it manually. 

Shortly after the participant left, the user would receive a rendered, downloadable video clip of them dancing in the end zone and personalized email (which they could then share) on their smartphone, or personal computer.

While this activation is still live (and on it’s way to the Steelers training camp next) we’ve averaged about 250-400 participants per day, so far. With a few more weeks to go, and onto the Chicago Bears and then finally the New York Jets, this activations should cultivate and engage fans across a large swath of the country, and encourage respective fans to show off their moves.

The NFL Teams obviously benefit from the additional on-site activation, gathering of user data, registration tools and of course the overall fan experience and enthusiasm.

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