Say Hello To: Pat Koitzsch

Inphantry's Newest Intern

Hi, my name is Patrick Koitzsch and I am Inphantry’s newest intern, and I’m super stoked to be here! 

Here’s a little bit more about me. I am currently a junior at Emerson College studying Media Production. Last year, along with two of my roommates, I founded a production company focusing on creating artist-centric pop-up events and social media content campaigns. During our first year, we worked with four different upcoming clothing designers and numerous musical artists. The highlight of our year was hosting Boston’s first premier fashion event which featured pop-up shops from three streetwear designers and performances from independent musicians.

Since then we’ve had one of our founding partners move to Berlin, Germany in order to fulfill our goal of being an international brand. He’s currently working with VR First in Hamburg to build their event brand and B2C strategy. Meanwhile, in Boston, we are in negotiation with some record labels and talent management agencies to partner their touring artists with clothing brands for pop-up shops in Boston.


From both my academic and professional experience, I quickly developed an interest in new media and more immersive mediums of communication. Last semester I took a Virtual Reality Filmmaking class which lead me to experiment with 360 cameras. I soon converted my school radio show to a fully immersive, and interactive, experience for our followers on social media. We hosted our Soundcast, a weekly 360 video live stream on Facebook, which featured interviews and performances with different artists from around Boston and the U.S.

After facilitating pop-up shops and realizing the increased demand for unique and limited retail experiences, I started thinking of ways to improve upon traditional retail experiences. A concept that I’ve been considering over the past few months is creating an augmented reality app which allows the user to ‘try on’ different articles of clothing through their smartphone camera. However, the camera would have to be advanced enough to create a digital 3D model of the user’s body from a video. Imagine pointing your phone camera at a wall and seeing an accurately scaled model of Supreme’s newest hoodie in size XL.


Now imagine placing that digital hoodie over yourself or your buddy to see how it fits. Too big? Try on a smaller size. Now, snap a picture of yourself wearing the digital hoodie and see if your friends approve. This could also be a powerful application for garment design and customization and maybe even something we can tackle here at Inphantry at some point. 

Some brands and agencies that are experimenting in a similar virtual retail space are Converse’s Sampler, Taqtile’s Pedestal, and A$AP Rocky’s collective AWGE. A concept similar to mine would be the Converse Sampler App. However, it fails to create a realistic 3D model of a shoe that adheres to the environment around it, rather it creates a flat 2D model that’s simply placed over your shoe via your phone camera. Meanwhile, Taqtile’s Pedestal is a platform that offers creators the opportunity to visualize a subject, virtual or physical, and customize it with graphic overlays.

For more of an example on Taqtile’s Pedestal capabilities, check out their 2016 digital experience at WPC 2016.

The Pedestal is definitely geared more towards designers as it requires Microsoft’s Hololens to operate. In essence, this concept is most similar to mine except most phones likely aren’t able to support this level of 3D mapping. Lastly, cultural influencer and rapper A$AP Rocky has been busy recruiting talent to his creative collective called AWGE.

One of his notable recruits is Ilya Zaidze. Zaidze recently collaborated on an experiential installment for an AWGE pop-up shop in LA where patrons could try on clothes and merchandise through virtual reality. Ilya also is one of the creators behind Ian Connor’s Revenge X Storm streetwear project. He arguably started the trend of 3D scanning garments for websites and mixed reality consumption, and it’s something I can’t seem to get enough of. 

Check the DeLorean out below. Awesome touch!

Anyways, all of these platforms and concepts show a general shift towards virtual brand experiences. Not only do these experiences put retail brands on the cutting edge of technology but they also save them money by creating an alternative to brick and mortar stores. It’s only a matter of time before our phones turn into glasses and the digital world becomes overlayed on the physical world.

And I can’t wait to be part of that digital revolution here at Inphantry.

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