HoloLens Will Change the Architecture Industry

For a long time now, we’ve been touting Microsoft HoloLens and it’s applicable uses. For just about every industry, there seems to be a case to use it – and being a digital/experiential agency here in Boston, we knew this device was going to be a ‘Must Have’ for brands and clients down the road. So, we pulled some strings and nabbed two of ’em for the office. (Swing by and come try it anytime)


However, I’m not writing another blog post about how HoloLens could be used in experiential. I’m writing about how it can be used for architects. 

To get a feel for exactly what I’m talking about, watch the video down here below.


When I came across that video today, I was pretty thrilled. With Paul (our Executive Producer here) and a couple of architecture-related projects under our belt now, we’re really hoping to turn the tide of ideas on how exactly HoloLens can be used.

In case you missed it, the ‘Developer Edition’ has been out for quite some time, and while it does fall into the ‘Augmented or Mixed-Reality’ category, companies, developers and agencies alike haven’t even begun to tap into what’s fully capable with this device.

Anyways, I wanted to touch upon the architecture industry here, because HoloLens will be vital to them in say mmmm 5-10 years. Check out this post from ‘Dezeen Magazine’ about how integral this piece of tech could become for designers and architects alike. 

Anyways, I can’t wait to see how architects of the future use this device, and truly can’t wait to see what the experiential agencies out there like Taqtile – continue to produce with it.

For now, if you’re an interested party, or want more info on how we think HoloLens can be implemented into a brand or company, please get ahold of our new business manager, Cam King, by email him at: cam@inphantry.com

Or email our agency for all other inquiries at: base@inphantry.com

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