INPHANTRY was lucky enough to have recently collaborated with Edelman PR of New York on Michelle Obama’s ‘#62MillionGirls’ campaign. While FLOTUS has been a staunch advocate for many kinds of initiatives, #62MillionGirls was launched to focus on young girls who aren’t given the privilege of pursuing an education. The First Lady wanted to bring awareness to the plight of over 62 Million Girls who are fundamentally denied their right to change the lives and communities around them through education.


This, “Let Girls Learn” initiative was the first of it’s kind and is a government-wide effort that will leverage the investments they have made and the overall success achieved in helping adolescent girls find and complete their education. By supporting community-led solutions to reduce barriers that prevent young females from completing their education, Michelle Obama aimed to build healthier families, stronger communities and a brighter future for all through this #62MillionGirls project.

Spearheaded by Edelman Public Relations, the only ask of Inphantry was to build a secure landing page, sleek and simple enough to strike the same chord as Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative.

However, #62MillionGirls is much more than a campaign with a message. It is a government-wide approach to empower girls around the world and celebrities and fans alike have taken the power of this message across every form of social media with the hashtag #62MillionGirls.


With over 5,000,000 hits on the landing site www.62milliongirls.com the first day of it’s launch at The Global Citizen Festival (Cold Play, Pearl Jam, Beyonce were just a few of the headliners) in Central Park by Michelle Obama, there has been hundreds of thousands of postings online for #62MillionGirls. From the President, to Leonardo DiCaprio and Stephen Colbert, celebrities, supporters and fans from all over the globe have signed onto this initiative for a brighter future for females who don’t have the option to go to school everyday.

The landing page encourages people to share through Twitter or Instagram, a black and white photo of themselves in school and one thing they learned in the form of:

“In school, I learned ____. #62MillionGirls don’t have that chance.”

With a powerful message comes a powerful opportunity. Help Michelle Obama and the “Let Girls Learn” Initiative by visiting their page at: https://letgirlslearn.peacecorps.gov/ and be sure to share you message, with a black and white photo of yourself while you were in school with the hashtag #62MillionGirls.

Together, we can make a difference.

Big shout out to FLOTUS and the “Let Girls Learn” Initiative, as well as Edelman PR of NYC for bringing us onto this #62MillionGirls project.

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