A Peek Into The Future With 'Hyper Reality'

We’re almost a fifth into the 21st century and while we still don’t have flying cars, we’re starting to really get a glimpse into the future and what we’re capable of creating as a highly technical and advanced species.

One of the coolest things we’ve seen here at Inphantry, is a deep, twisted look into how ‘Augmented Reality’ might morph itself into our daily lives. While we don’t think this video is accurate in any real sense, it gives us a glimpse of how people in today’s world with their noses buried in their smart phones on their commute, might one day interact with tomorrow’s future apps and reality.

Take a look here at this ‘Hyper Reality’ video.


After you’ve watched the video from above, you’ll probably begin thinking about how long it took to render that whole thing – and while we don’t want to know (or event think about the $$$) we have to respect the work put in. Which brings us to our next point…

We’ve seen a lot of augmented reality uses within retail environments and are wondering, with all the new technology out there, why they all suck. Take for example – Verizon Wireless’ store on Boylston Street here in Boston…if you’ve ever been here, or have the ability to go and check it out, go and try their augmented reality flying game while you’re waiting in line.

It’s basically an augmented reality system for customers waiting in line for the next customers service rep – and while their system has three simple games you can play, it very much feels like the Atari version of what augmented reality was supposed to be – with cheap graphics and a gimmicky, jolty experience.

I’m not bringing up Verizon to ‘diss’ them in any way. I bring it up because I want to see these interactions truly become 21st century. When brands use cheap gimmicks to lure customers into their store, it almost leaves you feeling cheated…which is why our agency exists. Inphantry is here to bring digital craftsmanship to big brands and clients in the 21st century.  

Could Verizon’s augmented reality system be a lot better? Yes. Could we do it? 100% Yes, and they aren’t the only ones who would benefit from working with a boutique agency who knows what digital craftsmanship means in today’s day and age. Plenty of big brands and clients know they need to ‘think smaller’ in order to keep up with today’s hyper trends.

The reason we’re fascinated with this ‘Hyper Reality’ video from above, is it gives us a brighter hope for what very may well be a similar world to what we have today, just with far more digital integration. While we’re quickly approaching singularity and a full seamless life with digital wearables/implants we very may well be on our way to a permanent mixed-reality fate.

And again, at Inphantry, we’re super interested on crafting seamless digital integrations where the perfect use of technology and user-experience segment with one another. There are certain scenarios where we truly believe a digital integration doesn’t make sense – and we’re honest and upfront with our clients when that happens. But, when we come across a digital experience that feels years behind the technology that’s available, we have to ask, “Why?”

There’s too many opportunities to differentiate your brand. You are your own client – and every client needs an army to work behind them. Inphantry is that digital army – working to make you first to market with industry-leading digital thinking, and we’re pleased to meet you.

Email us at: base@inphantry.com to reach the whole team, or email our new business director, Cam King at: Cam@inphantry.com to start the conversation on we might be able to help you. (Lookin’ at you Verizon). 

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P.S. Could you ever imagine using a ‘wearable’ device that makes the streetscape look like this?