Marvin @ 7 Tide

Brand Experience Center

Marvin Windows and Doors offer craftsman-quality construction, energy-efficient technology and the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options. But when it came to the process of planning a dream home, the challenge was to create an experience that could showcase windows and doors in a way that made them a key emotional decision rather than an afterthought — and by doing so, change the way the industry has interacted with consumers and partners for decades.

Inphantry was immersed in both the customer journey and the home building industry as a whole to understand how we could impact the decision making process with design and interactive technology, taking a 360° approach that included storytelling, UX, visual design, front and back end development, 3D animation, projection mapping and physical installation.

The experience begins with a simple moleskin that customers can use to take notes, however these journals are also RFID enabled to track every step of the journey.

The touch table houses over 10,000 different renderings and mockups (all digitally crafted with 360° animations), so users can interact with endless combinations when designing their future home. The table is fully interactive, reacting not only to gestures, but to Marvin’s entire catalogue of wood grain and color samples, equipped with recognition technology. Designs can be manipulated, adjusted and are rendered in real-time, allowing users to envision the impact that window design can have on a home. A custom CRM system was also built to store user data and designs.

From there, the experience continues with a life-size projection wall and a custom app loaded with Marvin products. Brand ambassadors control the photo-realistic projections via tablet and can manipulate designs in real-time, including making adjustments to size and scale based on customer feedback.

Upon completion of the experience, all of the interactions have been captured by the customer’s notebook. While this keepsake represents a milestone in the process of building their dream home, the data captured via the experience is sent to customers. With notebooks and designs in-hand, customers can now bring realistic, accurate designs and specs to their architects and builders. The experience educates them about the complexity of window and door design and empowers them to design and communicate their vision. A major step for an industry whose products literally impact the view and feel of every room in the house, but until now has been as invisible as glass to the average homeowner.