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Marvin Brands


The building and construction industry is faced with the challenge of building brand loyalty among the next generation of builders – digital natives who are less aware of legacy brands and their benefits. To stand out at industry events, leading A.W. Hastings, the leading distributor of Marvin home products needed an experience that would capture the imagination of a new crop of builders.


To embrace the future of building, INPHANTRY looked away from industry trends and into pop culture, focusing on emerging technology and gaming experiences to inspire a concept that would help an industry mainstay connect with the younger generation.


When event attendees passed through the Hastings event space, instead of being met by the usual product demos and literature, they were treated to an experience that was entirely unexpected and instantly addictive. Guests were challenged to strap on an HTC Vive virtually reality headset and attempt to Escape the Room in under 5 minutes. While the VR experience served to entertain guests, it also was custom designed to showcase products by making core attributes essential to solving the puzzle.


In taking on the challenge, complete with Rube Goldberg-esque puzzles, blowtorches, and even a moving floor, young builders received an immersive crash course on Marvin products. And in the process, they are beginning to see the Marvin brand in a new, more relevant light.