Marvin @ 7Tide

Windows into the Future

Marvin Brands


Create a premium experience for A.W. Hastings, the leading distributor of Marvin home products, to showcase windows and doors in a way that could make them a key emotional decision rather than an afterthought. And by doing so, change the way the industry has interacted with consumers and partners for decades.


Today’s design environment is increasingly accessible as users turn to online tools and social media to envision their dream projects, but the process of home building is highly technical and typically reserved for professionals. At the 7Tide Brand Experience Center, helping consumers visualize the end process using interactions they’ve come to expect from today’s modern shopping experiences could evolve their journey.  


INPHANTRY was involved with the construction of 7Tide from the beginning, taking a 360° approach that included storytelling, UX, visual design, front and back end development, 3D animation, projection mapping and physical installation.

The experience featured RFID tracking and recognition technology, an interactive touch table, adjustable, true to scale projection mapping and a custom CMS to serve 10,000 different renderings and mockups, all digitally crafted with 360° animations, and store user data and designs.


The award-winning experience guides users through the complexity of window and door construction and empowers them to design and communicate their vision. A major step for an industry whose products literally impact the view and feel of every room in the house.

With the success of 7Tide, A.W. Hastings has committed to reshaping the future of the industry and engaged INPHANTRY to produce a high concept video that brings their Digitally Driven mantra to life.