Creative Direction / Motion Graphics / Audio + Video Production

Client: PerkStreet Financial

PerkStreet Financial offered an online checking account where customers could earn up to 5% cash back on the money they spent. Their goal? To encourage members to earn rewards for spending cash they already have versus racking up credit card debt in an effort to accrue points and miles. Fueled by a vocal fan base and growing accolades in the financial press, as well as an increasing dissatisfaction with the nation’s biggest banks, PerkStreet asked us to create a brief, engaging video to communicate the benefits of their brand to interested consumers.


Our concept for the video was simple: Let’s bring the idea of PerkStreet to life by depicting it as a physical location where everyone can live and save, rather than an unfriendly financial institution. By detailing the perks customers could earn with debit card purchases and interspersing them with customer testimonials and images, we illustrated the selling points of savings and community—the two biggest reasons to bank on the bright side with PerkStreet.


From creating the concept and script, to building the motion graphics in After Effects, to composing the audio and supervising the voiceover work, Inphantry had a hand in every part of this 1:45 animated video.