Tapster Brand Launch

Startup Mixology



Build it. Brand it. Market it. Launch it. Develop a product and campaign to take an early stage startup from concept to completion.


The client had secured a license for keg delivery and sought to carve out a space in the landscape for alcohol delivery apps. But first, they needed a brand that spoke to their key product differentiator while also appealing to a wider demographic that uses these apps for a variety of reasons.

After a deep dive into consumer research, audience segmentation competitive analysis and creative ideation, the Tapster brand was born. A subtle nod to the time honored profession of bartending, the brand evoked a voice and identity that was both whimsical and wise. The UX strategy reinforced the brand, resulting in an app that was user-friendly and delivered whatever the consumer was looking for — the epitome of a wise and trusted friend.


The app was developed in React Native enabling simultaneous iOS and Android launches. Additionally, INPHANTRY developed the back end and admin systems that were needed for business operations.

Finally, an innovative marketing campaign was developed to position Tapster against the major industry players. After surveying the landscape, it was clear that alcohol delivery apps were navigating a sea of sameness. Messaging was based on speed and convenience with no real differentiators among the competition. To introduce the brand, INPHANTRY created a two-pronged campaign that launched Tapster with impact. Messaging keyed in on the emotional reasons behind ordering in, and played on themes that resonated with the target consumer at a pivotal moment in their lives.


The Fear of Going Out campaign teased Boston with the “monsters” we all encounter during a night out on the town while the Business of Pleasure campaign introduced Tapster’s services with an unexpected twist. Both campaigns featured a distinctive graphic style and playful animation — FOGO leveraged original artwork inspired by over-the-top 50’s era pulp cinema, and BoP utilized a bold, typographic approach. The eye-catching artwork and dry wit was used to canvas Boston with out-of-home placements, wild postings, targeted social and even huge projection-mapped billboards, reinforcing Tapster’s call to “Stay in to Win”. Within the first week of launch, orders began flowing, fans engaged in social and momentum for the upstart brand continues to grow.