Introducing Kyle Couture - Director of Video Production

Let’s set the scene: The Brooklyn Dodgers are playing the Philadelphia Phillies at Ebbets Field on July 1, 1941, and the game is being aired on WNBT-TV (later to become WNBC). Before the game begins, TV viewers see this: a 10-second advertisement for Bulova clocks and watches.

The ad shows a clock and a map of the United States, with a voice-over that says, “America runs on Bulova time.” This little spot (which ran at 2:29 pm, if you’re keeping Bulova time) marked the advent of something much bigger — commercialized television. Earlier in 1941, the FCC had approved a plan to turn TV into big business. When Bulova paid $9 dollars to plug its brand, the plan was actualized and televised commercials were forever born.

You ever see that ad before? Well, you should have. In fact, every big brand and company should REWATCH that ad because every commercials lineage is now tied to it. Short. Sweet. America runs on Bulova time. 

And while Bulova is still looking to reignite their brand (see here) their name will forever be etched into the record books as the first television commercial. Forever setting the imprint of how big brands and local companies would compete for our attention.

You probably want to know where the hell we’re going with this…

Well, we are now proud to announce Inphantry has a film department. With the newly acquired expansion space we have at 107 South St. We’re beyond proud to announce the hiring of our full-time in-house Director of Video Production, Kyle Couture. He’s actually been with us for a long time. Hell, we’ve even had film production in our fold for a while now. It’s really just now that we’re making it public. When you look back at our work, we’ve always had Kyle on hand to help us produce content for every big activation, product launch or experience we’ve been a part of. It’s just now that we’re taking our services to a whole new level.

And we’ll look forward to engaging all sorts of clients on an array of film production projects. Short content, long content, commercials, promo videos…you name it, we’ll do it. Just drop us a line. 

Take a look at Kyle’s promo reel here.

With all that said, we’re super excited about having the capabilities to film and shoot all sorts of content for our current and future clients. Whether it’s a commercial, web video, product features video, content piece or something else entirely, we look forward to working with everyone from startups, to medium-sized companies and even large corporations.