It's Time for More Interactive Tables at Restaurants

I’ve got a bone to pick with the hospitality industry and it’s about time I wrote about interactive restaurants. They have them in Dubai, so why don’t we see more of them here?

Before you read any further, read this article about ‘IRT’ (Interactive Restaurant Technology) from


As you can see from’s article above, these new IRT boards are nothing new in Abu Dubai, but for the rest of the world, they are a far cry for an industry that hasn’t changed much in the past century. All I want to know is why we haven’t started seeing these? Hello, New York?

(Sidenote: they actually have SOME of these already in NYC. See Here)

Long story short, here’s my bone to pick. We’ve all gone out to dinner with out friends and family and have seen one too many people (of all ages) staring down at their phones attempting to mitigate any form of natural communication. So many of us are hopelessly linked to our digital devices, that it has become painful to strip ourselves away, even at a formal dinner or sit down with our families. But what if the distraction became part of the experience? What is the experience was focused around the ‘distraction…?’ It’s something I’ve thought about for quite a bit now and it’s great to see that mega-billionaires of Dubai have already begun to implement a few of these touchscreen tables at restaurants and I am a huge fan. But how many of these tables are actually installed? The number might surprise you…


Only three restaurants in Dubai have these ingenious items installed, according to the company ‘Interactive Restaurant Technology’ the makers of the…you guessed it, “IRT” table. However, despite there only being three restaurants in Dubai that utilize this technology, there is much to be talked about.

Let’s jump right to the list of features this table has…

1) It’s protected by diamond glass to increase resilience that is also pleasing to the eye.

2) Reinforced steel body makes it lightweight, seamless and achieves functionality.

3) A waterproof frame with a solid glass surface makes it a surprisingly good table.

4) Unlimited multi-touch without limits or lag. Seriously, it’s smooth as can be.

5) The Touch Technology distinguishes subtle differences between hands.

6) The touch table is made of seven separate HD sensor layers topped with diamond glass.


In conjunction, the result is a super 4K Interactive Ultra HD Table (3840×2160 pixel) table that is not only pleasing to the eye, but smooth and sensitive to every touch in all the right ways. To put this in perspective, these tables are four time more pleasing that the Full HD TV that is probably in your house now. Smooth, fast and without headaches…(you know when you look at a digital display and it kind of hurts your eyes? Yeah, this table doesn’t have that.)

The view is so crystal clear, that everything from the words to the images of the food look better than they do in real life, that’s how detailed and enticing 4K viewing is. Not to mention, the high-def color with no distortion from any angle makes it for keen viewing from anywhere in the room. Also, this table shuts itself off as you command. No ads to display, no planned interruptions…it’s there when you need and gone when you don’t. Pretty incredible I’d say.

Also, probably one of my favorite applications that is built into these ‘IRT’ tables are the automatic payment systems built into the side. I’m just guessing here, but have you ever been caught at a restaurant in a rush and you’re looking frantically around for you waiter? Well, no more. These tables clearly take care of that, whether Apple Pay, credit card or otherwise, you can be on the go as you please and pay on your own terms. You just can’t beat that.


(Sidenote: Chili’s just launched touchscreen tables at a number of their restaurants. Read about it here)

The other facet I love about these interactive tables is the ability to use mobile apps, QR codes, or the option to log in to these tables through different social API’s and share photos, as well as receive perks from various programs and offers. Fully completing the digital experience for those who want it at their breakfast, lunch or dinner table.Not only can you share pics, but you can also take them, do video conferences and use other various apps to find out information about public transportation, current news and weather. Fully eliminating the need to stare down at your 4X6 personal device while ignoring those around you.

It’s just an all in one table that I’ve become a huge fan of. Regardless of whether this item takes flight or not, I think it’s about time they’ve come into the public sector. No, I don’t think these tables will become ‘job-killers’ of any sort and the hospitality industry shouldn’t fret about them. Despite their STEEP price point, I think these tables could hugely benefit a dying industry where people have become accustomed to ‘take-out’ and would spark a revolutionary approach to dining. The way I see it, the options are limitless. While ‘IRT’ isn’t the only manufacturer of these tables, independent and competitor companies could easily adapt, mold and build their versions of this, which would ultimately drive prices down and eliminate a monopoly on a product like this.


If you’re intrigued at the prospect of these, then head over to the ‘IRT’ website to view all their specs on the table, as well as any additional information that you may want: 

Until then, maybe we’ll start playing around with some of these ourselves here at INPHANTRY…I mean, ya never know. Interested clients and potential partners, get ahold of our new business guys Cam at: or send a general inquiry to our team at: