Mead, Maslow, & Marvel vs. Capcom

While we’re a small team that’s usually heads down striving to develop unforgettable experiences for our clients and consumers, we realized we need to take a little time for ourselves once and awhile.

Every few months or so, we take a week to sprinkle in crowd-sourced workshops and explorations amongst cranking on client work, not to mention maybe a couple after hours excursions. It’s not often we have our entire team together, including the west coast crew, so our Internal Week feels a little bit like a family reunion.

Some highlights from this past Internal Week included a screen printing workshop by Carson and Jon, a mead tasting brought to you by Kilo, an exploration of Maslow in Marketing by Derek, and a chat on Dadaism and Meme Culture by our millennials-in-residence. It doesn’t have to be elaborate planned events either, we even built a birthday bike for Regi’s son and messed with our brand new Polycades.

While company perks and Internal Week festivites are exciting, we like to think their purpose and value goes far beyond the surface.

While we’ve been growing this past year, we’re still fairly small next to our agency neighbors – shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to get to know each other? INPHANTRY was founded by a tight-knit group of friends, who says we can’t keep that going in some way?



Not only do we get to know each other on a personal level, getting to know each other’s interests and skills helps us to be the most effective and creative team we can be. We should produce our inaugural INPHANTRY merch in-house by hand rather than getting a big box of tees printed. We should combine our millennial perspectives and wisdom from seasoned team members to create thoughtful experiences with an ear to the ground.  This can only benefit us and make our cross-functional teams stronger.

Our team bonding has come in many forms over the years: field trips, show & tells, even a little Rocket League – but we’ve found our footing with Internal Week. Now just to see if the mythical Workation is out there somewhere.