Our Top 5 Picks For SDCC 2016

American Horror Story: VR


File this one under Nope, Nope, Nope. As part of FX Networks’ user experience space FXhibition, they created a unique, and terrifying, VR experience for one of their premiere series, American Horror Story. The experience was held inside what looked like a black circus tent on the outside. Inside the sterile white dome, participants were asked to lay on black gurney-like beds by staff in lab coats where they would put on the VR headset and headphones and proceed to be wrapped in a white cloth. The experience, created by North Kingdom and Groove Jones, transported users to a hospital gurney where they started their nightmare reliving key moments from the show’s past. In the approximate five minutes the user is engaged, they experience tense feelings of claustrophobia, fear, and panic – oh my. American Horror Story VR is a key indicator that brands and companies are utilizing VR and mixed reality to build immersive experiences that get people talking and build hype. Sure you can share a trailer on social media, but how powerful is a story you tell to your friends of how you almost peed your pants at Comic-Con during an AHS experience?

A total win win for AHS fans and network.

Rick And Morty News


I’ll be honest, I didn’t jump on to Rick and Morty at its humble beginnings, and now I’m sorry for it. I recently sat down and watched the entire series after all my friends pushed me to the point of insanity, and I couldn’t be more grateful they did. As fans like myself are dying for any and all news for Season 3, we got a couple treats from Comic-Con that should hold us over until the fall. Co-creator Dan Harmon revealed a rough edit scene from Season 3, and wow, does Rick kill a lot of rats (You can watch it here). Am I confused? Yes. Am I more excited than ever? Absolutely. The second piece of news, and arguably more exciting, is the announcement of Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality, a VR experience created by Owlchemy Labs, the minds behind the acclaimed Job Simulator. In the trailer, you play as Rick in his garage casually throwing around an everyday Plumbus (Here’s a good look at how a Plumbus is made if you were unsure). I am most excited for where this experience will take us in the word of licensed content. Haven’t you always wanted to be on the set of your favorite TV shows and movies? What if you could sit on The Simpsons couch or walk around the offices of Dunder Mifflin? Virtual Rick-ality is a big step towards consumer-oriented, VR experiences. And I will do anything to get that Plumbus in our office.

Suicide Squad Soundtrack Trailer


With a flood of comic book movies over the past five years, studios have recently discovered success does not come with an A-List celeb and classic franchise alone – they need to be different and disruptive. Marvel had arguably their first unique success with 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The epic garnered rave reviews from critics and viewers alike, it even pleased the longtime comic readers. More importantly, through the nostalgic soundtrack, unique PR pushes, and comedic tone, GotG positioned itself as the comic book movie for movie fans, not just comic book movie fans. Following Warner Bros. x DC Comics exploration of darker comic book movies, like Watchmen and Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad hopes to become the new comic book movie disruptor. Sure, the movie isn’t news at Comic Con, but its newest trailer certainly is. Not only does the Suicide Squad Soundtrack Remix Trailer give the best look at the movie to date, it also highlights the incredible soundtrack Warner Bros. has been curating for the anticipated film. With features like Skrillex, Rick Ross, and Twenty One Pilots, the Suicide Squad soundtrack is helping to define the S.S. brand to build an experience completely unique to audiences.

The anti-hero hero movie releases next week, August 5th, 2016. 

Archer Live


Imagine if the cast of your favorite TV comedy got very inebriated and decided to hold a live script reading. Yeah, that was this year’s Archer Live. The whole cast was in attendance, with a special appearance by Christian Slater and an unexpected appearance by Jessica Walter. Aboard the Inspiration Hornblower yacht at sunset, Archer Live included a live episode reading and audience Q+A, with a busy open bar. The audience also had the opportunity to vote on the return of wee baby Seamus, responding with a resounding Yes. Archer Live was a great treat for longtime fans of the show and only makes me crave Season 8 even more.

P.S. Will Archer ever stop being funny? We don’t think so, huge shout out to the genius writers at FX. Watch the panel from Comic-Con here. 

  Silicon Valley Panel


Don’t let this panel fool on with the five spot. These comedic geniuses are all-stars by every regard, and their ‘Panel’ was more of an improv show than anything else. These guys literally feed off of each other 24/7 and make for a fantastic cast.

As I live and breath new technology and have a growing understanding of the startup world, Silicon Valley has become one of my favorite comedies of recent memory. Most Comic-Con panels follow a similar formula: a moderator / host guides a discussion by special guests while they answer planned and audience questions about upcoming projects / events. The Silicon Valley panel blew this formula out of the water. The panel, which included Thomas Middleditch, Amanda Crew, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, writer/director/executive producer Alec Berg and co-creator Mike Judge, decided to improv and riff on inside jokes and S.V. moments rather than stick to a rigid structure.

Discussion ranged from the infamous Season 3 horse scene, to character backstory, even butt-chugging (their words, not mine). The panel made it clear that Season 4 was still in the early stages, so the experience was the laughs and connecting with fans. While unorthodox, the Silicon Valley guys definitely made a splash at Comic-Con and left attendees with a memorable experience.

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