The Art of Experiential - What Does That Even Mean?

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for us here at Inphantry – and that’s always a good thing for any ad agency.

Between installing interactive mobile truck tours (going to 42 cities in three months) in Oklahoma, shooting video projects for current and past clients, crafting interactive and digital showrooms, designing digital entryways, installing apps for massive mediacom companies and meeting with NHL teams, we’ve hardly had time to write some reflection pieces.

I’m sure the rest of our team would love to chime in with EVERYTHING we’ve been doing, but they’ve been super slammed. Working harder than most bees do during honey season, it’s crazy.

Each one of us here in our office on South St. is essentially our own department within an ad agency. Which often means, we’re slammed. The hours don’t really matter in this office either – as our sole focus is our work. I can tell you, I’ve signed onto my computer at 2 AM, just to see conversations going on in our chat service. These guys, these teammates of ours are exceptionally hard workers. And creative to boot.

Anyways, the uptick in our work is excellent to see. For us, being a small ‘creative technology’ shop can mean a number of things. And considering we “Do” a number of things, it’s always hard from an outside perspective to fully understand who Inphantry is and what exactly we do.

The way I typically phrase it to other agencies and potential clients is something like this:

Inphantry is a creative technology shop where we do everything from branding + identity, to websites, apps and even full-scale activations, product launches, trade shows, conferences and more.

Everything we do falls in the digital realm and is completely unique in its creation. We aren’t a product house and believe every problem has a unique solution. 

From paper, to pixels, to a living, breathing experience. 

Now, that’s a mouthful eh?

And most recently, with our acquisition of an HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens, we’ve begun branding ourselves as an emerging experience agency, which begs a whole other question. “What the hell is that?” And truth be told, it’s a tough one…

It means we’re on the cutting edge of technology. We’re watching what’s new. We’re seeing what’s out there, we’re crafting unique experiences, we’re in the business of doing what’s never been done before. And we feel like our small, nimble and incredibly strategic team are just the ones to tackle your companies problems.

It all boils down into something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. During pitches, presentations, strategic meetings, we often get asked flat out – “So, what’s your favorite kind of work?”

It’s not that we’re trying to do too much or that we’re being unclear with our services and talents. Our clients see our work and know what we’re capable of doing – but they just want to know what our favorite is and that’s when I started thinking about the term, “The Art of Experiential.” 

It’s not the work you ultimately produced, it’s the sweat equity that counts. It’s not the man hours or even billable hours, it’s the final product. The final app. The final site. The activation experience. The product launch. The walkthrough. The takeaway.

And boom, that’s when it came full circle and realized:


Here at Inphantry, we tout ourselves and work as being solely focused on the user experience. We want to produce work that fully entails and caters to YOUR CUSTOMERS. Your fans, those fanatics out there willing to wait 8+ hours for your activation at Comic-con.

And truth be told, it’s a good thing. In today’s day and age, user experience matters. Again, whether it’s a website, an app or full-out experiential production, every single touchpoint your target consumer (or demographic) has with your company or brand matters. 

That’s why our range of services fall into the digital category and scale up all the way from branding & identity, to full-scale product launches, activations, permanent installations and more.

Experience in experiential matters. And our agency more than goes to battle for our clients. We live it. We breathe it. We do it. From papers to pixels, to a living, breathing experience. 

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