We Won An Award For #62MillionGirls

Our #62MillionGirls campaign (in association with Edelman PR) for the current First Lady, Michelle Obama recently won an award from ‘One Club.’

To see the full announcement, click here. 

In the category, “Non-profit, branded social campaign,’ our creative landing page design and social integration for the ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative captured not only hearts, but minds all over the world.

Michelle Obama’s incredible campaign was trending #1 on Twitter for days in a row – and celebrities from all over the world flocked to support the ‘Let Girls Learn’ campaign. Each year, over 62 Million Girls worldwide are suppressed the right to an education. Whether forced to stay home, or simply turned away, The First Lady took to the streets when it came to getting the word out, and who better to do it with than Edelman Public Relations out of NYC.

Edelman tapped Inphantry to design and execute this landing page, which would include posts from celebrities, fans and people from all around the world with the hashtag #62MillionGirls in support of the campaign.

To this day, #62MillionGirls has impacted just about every country in the world, collecting tweets from every major metropolitan city and spreading awareness for the campaign.

Inphantry is proud to support the ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative and we’ll continue to help spread the word throughout the world about #62MillionGirls.

If you want to find out more about #62MillionGirls, you can search the hashtag, or check the landing page here: https://62milliongirls.com/

If you want to find out more about Let Girls Learn, you can visit their page here

Let Girls Learn is a United States government initiative to ensure adolescent girls get the education they deserve. Around the world, girls face complex physical, cultural, and financial barriers in accessing education. As a girl grows older the fight to get an education becomes even harder. Her family must be willing to pay school fees. She may have a long, unsafe walk to school. She may be forced to marry. And she often lacks the support she needs to learn.
Yet, we know that educating girls can transform lives, families, communities, and entire countries. When girls are educated, they lead healthier and more productive lives. They gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to break the cycle of poverty and help strengthen their societies. It’s time to Let Girls Learn.