Welcome to 'The Void.' - Our Favorite VR/Emerging Tech Company

I sometimes forget that I went to film school for a year and a half. Before I even came close to shooting my first project, my classes lead the through the history of film and moving pictures. One of the most powerful ways to move a person during that time period was in moving pictures. Or ‘movies’ as we’ve come to know them. And as I grew  up watching roadshows and traveling theaters. Projectionists and Filmmakers would tour their latest pictures and blow away audiences across the country. Today, the theme is far more novel.


From the days of roadshows and traveling theaters, we’ve seen cutting-edge companies come and go, like THX and IMAX  who have ushered in decades of innovation in the film industry. Them, and others have constantly been pushing the boundaries of major motion picture experiences. And now, on top of all their historic achievements, we’re seeing another wave of emerging new media – virtual and mixed realities. Whether it be HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Microsoft Hololens just to name a few, companies are trying to use this new tech to push experiences to levels never seen before. And now we’re finally seeing it in the film industry.

The real question many in the industry are looking to answer is Who will be the next THX or IMAX of mixed reality? Who will be the next to invent, let alone, DEFINE a whole new market segment? In what ways can video be utilized to craft a more immersive experience?

Enter – The Void.


Founded in 2014, The Void is the powerful team leading the world in the next jump into immersive entertainment. They combine virtual reality tech (their own from the ground up, nonetheless), real-time effects, and physical buildouts to produce what they call, “HYPR REALITY” experiences. Take a look at their first looks here and be prepared to be blown away.


The Utah-based company recently opened their first public experience, “Ghostbusters: Dimension”  in partnership with Madame Tussauds New York. If you’ve been on any tech / entertainment blog in the past four months, you’ve probably heard of it. Participants suit up with The Void’s proprietary RAPTURE hardware – head mounted display, vest with haptic feedback, BACKTOP gaming computer, and Mark IV gun, and jump into a 4D experience unlike any other. In the 10-15 minute experience, Ghostbusters fans get to fulfill their dreams of zapping and capturing ghosts while exploring unique NYC locales. It has being hailed as the most groundbreaking Mixed Reality experience to date, and we here at Inphantry agree.


The team at The Void is a look into the future. With Mixed Reality still in it’s infant stages, The Void wants to focus on creating experiences as an attraction rather than an at-home experience. They hope to one day open VOID Experience Centers (VECs) all over the world. At these tech playgrounds, The Void plans on creating multiple stages for play across multiple unique IPs. Here, players can collaborate and compete against friends locally, and with players at other VECs. Just like IMAX has become a leader in large-format movie experiences, The Void hopes to become the leader in groundbreaking Mixed Reality experiences. When you see their stamp on a project, you know your mind is about to be blown.

And I for one – will be the first person in line if they ever open a location near to Boston. I honestly can’t wait to try this…I actually might have to fly out to Utah.

Long story short, Here at Inphantry, we’re always looking for the best experiences out there – whether we create them ourselves or find inspiration in those who do too, we’re super interested in collaborating and getting to know one another. Are you looking to create an unforgettable experience for your brand? Email me here -> trevor@inphantry.com and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Ninjaman173