Welcome to the Workshop

What do Willy Wonka, Bruce Wayne, and Captian Kirk all have in common? They all have the coolest offices around. The Wonka Factory, Batcave, and Starship Enterprise are (albeit fictional) amazing workplaces where the impossible happen. Well watch out, because Inphantry is joining the ranks of these special few with our newest expansion.

Built right in to our current space, we are pleased to finally introduce Inphantry’s new Workshop. Take a look for yourself below.







You’ll find our brand new Video Production studio (while you’re at it, meet Kyle, our kickass videographer), Conference table, Development suite, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality space, and a new kitchen with more snacks than we know what to do with. If you’d like to check out our space, check out the latest in AR / VR, or to chat about how to work with us, shoot us an email @ base@inphantry.com.