We're Getting A Microsoft Hololens

I’ll keep this short and sweet for obvious purposes, but chances are your workplace, industry or in Twitter feed in general has been talking about Microsoft Hololens and it’s mind blowing mixed-reality capabilities.

Watch an intro video to HoloLens here

If you don’t know what it is, Microsoft HoloLens is still a headset, albeit a 21st century augmented reality ‘spatial mapping’ one, but it’s still very much a clunky type headset that reads and projects in the room around you. AKA, you’ll be able to compute in real time, putting windows, tabs, images and videos where you want them, according to HoloLens’ spatial mapping feature.


Wow. Sounds awesome right? Well, it is. And the developer versions are shipping as we speak. Our friends at Cramer recently got a pair and showed it off the The Boston Globe, and clients and agencies are now just realizing about the absolute potentials of a device like this. In fact, our Creative Director Kevin Lee, just went to the HoloLens demonstration by Microsoft here in Boston last week. And you know what? It was jam packed. Good thing we snuck a photo before they told us ‘No phones.’


Our team at Inphantry, wrote about HoloLens a few months ago when we first got wind it was coming later in 2016 and we blasted the news to a number of our agency friends. Now, a quarter of the way into summer, we’re actively trying to pique the interest of clients and partners so we can do a product launch, activation or event. The possibilities are truly endless.

We’ll spare you all the details (and salacious possibilities) of Microsoft’s HoloLens, but if you must know, they are launching with a $3,000 price tag for the developer version and it doesn’t guarantee much other than that. It’s really up to developers at this point on how it will be used, but again, the possibilities seem ENDLESS. 

Cramer has the best blog about HoloLens as of now (this post is more of a PR update) and I’d highly encourage you to brief through their page and related videos. If you have a full 24 minutes to spare, we highly suggest fully informing yourself with the official, full HoloLens demo here. 

Our first take though, is after ‘Google Glasses’ failed product launch, there was ample room for a competitor to learn from their mistakes. And it seems Microsoft is headed in a supremely interesting area with HoloLens. Who knows what we’ll be using it for someday. only time will tell, but I have a feeling every industry, agency and client will be clamoring for the biggest, best and brightest ideas from the very launch of this product. And the agencies with HoloLens’ first, will be the industry leaders in experimentation.

We’ll keep this blog purposely short and sweet, but we also don’t want to dissuade you from having your own personal and internal brainstorm. Just think about what you’ve seen in movies in terms of ‘mixed-reality’ – what does the possibilities of having a Tony Stark garage mean for us at home? (Currently thinking about a Myo Armband + HoloLens Activation) – Tony Stark kind of interactivity anyone?!

Interested clients and partner agencies, get ahold of our new business guy (Cam@inphantry.com) to talk about Microsoft HoloLens and what we hope to be using it for. We’d love to hear from you and seriously want to be talking about HoloLens. 

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For now, we’ll leave you thinking about a permanent ‘mixed-reality’ world in a wide array of different industries. Welcome to the 21st century people.