Who We Are As An Agency

Inphantry has grown over the past two years (quite a bit in fact) not only from the size and scope of our projects, but also from the relationships we’ve built.

Sometimes, we play the role of digital executors, often implementing creative strategies for other agencies digital or experiential needs. Other times, we’re approached directly by a client and are free to ideate to the moon. We’re really up for both ways of working (a la with an agency) or directly with a client. Both offer their fun fares of ideation and execution and we’re simply up for producing the highest quality work possible.

I guess I wanted to take the time today to write about how we owe so much of our own success to our friends at other agencies and love working closely with other digital, technical and creative teams. For us, as a team, albeit a small one, we’re constantly trying to stay on top of emerging technology, best practices, new programs, UX/UI (as well as other agencies work) to see what’s out there.

And often, people will ask us, aren’t you competing with the agencies you partner with? 

Ah, no. Not really.

The way we see it, we’re never competing directly against them, only applauding and congratulating the exemplary work we see on a daily basis. This whole digital/experiential field we’re in is always in a constant state of change. From one day to the next, brands, clients and companies are figuring out how to do some wildly innovative activations and product launches and it’s truly an exciting time to be in advertising. One of the things we’ve always touted here at Inphantry is never put technology in front of the horse. 

What do you mean? Well.

The Horse: The driving user experience. What the customer would want. What they’re looking for. The end goal.

The Technology: The means to an end. The medium in a form to bring intensity, innovation and excitement.

For us, that particularly sets us in a category of being a user-experience agency. 

Yes we’re capable of doing apps, websites and experiential productions, but for us, the goal is always the same. Craft the best possible user-experience. That’s it. No more. No less. Let’s do our best. And that’s super exciting. In a world where there are limitless RFP’s from big brands, companies and other startups where everyone is looking for the next best idea, one thing we’ve found that works – is fluidity.

Our team at Inphantry is tight. We’re collaborative, we’re hard working (seriously, we more than bring it home with us) but we know how to have fun. We truly work hard play hard here – and I think our clients, partner agencies and interesting companies coming to us see that. More importantly, they like that. 

Our bread and butter is diving more into the physical world (digital installations, retail environments, activations, product launches) but we’re not a product house. Everything we’ve done, everything we’ve built has always been custom – and we plan on keeping it that way. We want to do our best, produce killer work and forge our niche out there.

And being here in Boston, I fully believe clients, companies and startups are starting to hear about us, our capabilities and endeavors more and more. And we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2016 and 2017 brings to the table.

Interested client, drop us a note at: base@inphantry.com to get our latest capabilities.

Interested companies, email our new business manager, Cam King to kickoff an intro conversation: Cam@inphantry.com 

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