Air Jordan XX8 Launch

Dare to Fly



Promote the launch of Nike’s AJXX8 by building the hype for the Air Jordan exclusive Pop-up Shop during NBA All-Star Weekend.


Any self-respecting sneakerhead is well versed in the hoops that must be jumped through to score the next drop, but it’s not often that they’re asked to put the ball through one. Challenging participants to a true test of skills, could assure that the most die-hard fans gained access to the Pop-up experience and the hype around the AJXX8 would be spread by authentic voices.


To gain access, event attendees were outfitted with Jordan branded RFID bracelets which not only registered them, but also tracked their performance as they shot, dribbled and dunked their way through the skills challenge. The highest scoring participants were then granted access to the Pop-up experience where they could learn more about the AJXX8 and the Jordan brand’s rich history, while also seeing their tweets and Instagram photos displayed in real-time on the exhibit wall.


The four-day event attracted over 2,500 users, 1,500 of which were granted access to the Air Jordan Pop-Up space. The high level of social engagement both during and after the event helped build the hype and drive demand for the iconic shoe launch.