Cambridge Crossing Groundbreaking

A Bold Perspective



Cambridge Crossing, a planned 45 acre mixed use property represents an ambitious expansion into Greater Boston. For the groundbreaking ceremony developer, DivcoWest needed to not just announce its arrival, but also usher in a new era of growth for the city of Cambridge.


A typical groundbreaking ceremony relies on 3D renders and illustrations to depict the planned development, but the sheer magnitude of CX’s plans needed to be communicated in a way that would appeal to forward looking, tech-minded tenants, both at the corporate and residential levels. And the CX brand message – A Home for Brave Ideas – not only captured the spirit of the project, but inspired an unexpected approach.


INPHANTRY created an immersive mixed reality experience, designed in Unity with 3D assets, that placed intrepid attendees atop a future skyscraper. But the experience offered more than just a bird’s eye view. Once equipped with a VR headset, users who “dared to be brave” were escorted out on to a real-life platform that was mapped to a VR plank 30 stories up – in front of a crowd who could see them displayed within the VR environment struggling to maintain balance while taking in the views of Cambridge Crossing.


The heart-pounding experience was a resounding success that left attendees with photo-keepsakes and lasting memories. Cambridge Crossing is now incorporating the experience into sales pitches as they revamp the Cambridge Skyline.