Leveling Up Communications

Hewlett Packard


Help Infinity Marketing Team create a more engaging virtual sales and training conference by gamifying the experience.


Nothing says Zoom fatigue like sitting through a three day virtual training seminar. Infinity Marketing Team had built a robust communications platform that would support over a thousand participants, delivering live keynotes, videos and downloadable content, but they needed to give users an incentive to stick with it. So they came up with a concept that turned the conference into a virtual race around the world and enlisted INPHANTRY to help bring it to life.


The first challenge was to determine what types of games would work best with the theme. Luckily the INPHANTRY team is composed of lifelong gamers so after much exploration, emulating the style of popular mobile games proved to be particularly intriguing. The combination of a low learning curve along with the ability to weave conference content into the gameplay made these casual games the perfect fit.

To accommodate both client and sponsored content, INPHANTRY developed 4 different games based on popular play styles such as crossword puzzles, match 3 games, and even a take on old school Mad Libs. All 4 games were developed in Unity and were then skinned with custom content to be able to provide up to 15 unique versions of the games during the course of the conference. The experience also aggregated cumulative scores for leaderboards to add extra incentive for players.


The Amazing Race experience integrated seamlessly into IMT’s platform and added a new dimension to an otherwise straightforward virtual conference. With highly entertaining gameplay, animated content and playful audio, the gamified training sessions allowed users to channel their inner-child and have some fun while getting the job done.