Bose #VPI 2021

Showcasing Interactivity



Help Bose introduce their 2021 product lineup virtually in lieu of CES.


Having had to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19 in 2020 with virtual meetings and conferences, this wasn’t Bose’s first rodeo, but in order to demo new products to retailers — many — of which were still in the prototype phase, Bose knew that screen sharing a Powerpoint deck just wasn’t going to cut it. With so much on the line in 2021, retailers needed a reason to get excited.


The project began with extensive user research to understand Bose’s inner workings and the needs of the team that would ultimately be delivering the content to retailers. From there, we included Bose in our design sprints to map out user flows and determine what features and functionality were must-haves for the experience.

In three months we developed a custom, browser-based communications platform that did not require any additional app downloads. The experience created a fully immersive, Bose branded environment complete with animations, 3D interactive demos and even mobile and desktop augmented reality. Presentation content is driven by Bose in real-time while creating unique instances where individual users can interact with products on their own machines. All while featuring high quality video and audio capabilities for face-to-face conversations.


The Bose VPI platform is now being used to conduct presentations to retailers across the globe, resulting in high praise from Bose’s partners. The VPI will be used throughout the year and will continue to evolve as a regular part of Bose sales and communications strategy moving forward.