Puma Rallycross

Digital + Social Strategy / Creative Direction + Concepts

Client: Puma

PUMA Rallycross wanted to increase appeal and awareness of its brand and Global Rallycross sponsorship among boys and men ages 14 & up. In order to accomplish this, Inphantry proposed creative and collateral centered around the PUMA Rallycross logo (the Zombie Cat) and the #zombiecat hashtag, as well as a comprehensive digital strategy for both the brand and its sponsored GRC drivers on relevant social networks like Tumblr, Facebook and Reddit.


How could PUMA get the organic exposure they were looking for at the lowest cost? Boasting a 70% male user base, Reddit was the perfect place for PUMA Rallycross to promote its drivers and brand. Through the creation of a dedicated subreddit and highly visible and trafficked IAmA and AMA events, Redditors would have a chance to find out what it’s really like to be a Global Rallycross driver. Subaru and Rallycross forums were another effective way to target fans, and we suggested PUMA-branded takeovers as a more targeted and cost effective ad spend.


Proposed mobile app partnerships targeted those behind the wheel and beyond. The augmented reality All-Terrain makes every surface and scenic vista a Rallycross track. Shakedown is a GPS-based app to keep track of your favorite routes and recommend to others what makes a “really fun road to drive,” taking its name and inspiration from the fact-finding test run every GRC driver does on each course. Shakedown even provides PUMA Rallycross drivers’ favorite routes near the tracks of GRC events.


In addition to #zombiecat branded decals and keychains, we designed Zombie Cat-fanged bandanas—which doubled as an ideal way to shield event goers’ and drivers’ faces from harmful fumes and dust. And for the driving enthusiasts in the crowd, functional fasteners like duct tape and zip-ties were given a PUMA Rallycross makeover.

Black backpack branded with "Zombiecat"