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Client: The Glam App

The idea for The Glam App began with actress and blogger Cara Santana and celebrity hair stylist Joey Maalouf, who both felt there was a lack of on-demand beauty services available to regular consumers. They wanted to create an app where you could request a hair stylist, makeup artist or nail tech to come to your hotel, office or home—the same way you’d request an Uber. Simply enter an address and the services you want, and a Glam representative will arrive at your door at the time you choose. Cara and Joey hired us to bring their vision to life, starting with The Glam App’s branding and identity through to the UX/UI, design and development of their mobile app and website.


The Glam App launched in February 2015, and in under a year, it expanded to over 20 U.S. cities and London. They didn’t waste any time adding new features, updates and locations to their app—all built from the ground up by Inphantry.


The first step for this project was establishing The Glam App’s branding and identity. They wanted a logo that was luxe, high-end and fashion-forward, built around stark, high-contrast colors. We carried this look and feel over to the app and the brand’s entire online presence.



Inphantry was responsible for every aspect of The Glam App’s development for iOS and Android devices. We started with wireframes based around the services and features Cara and Joey wanted their mobile app to offer, and then progressed to a design reflective of the identity work we had already completed. Our team also handled all the development work necessary to launch and maintain the mobile app during its first year in market.

Functionality of the app included:

•  The ability for users to book an immediate appointment or schedule one for later
•  Notifications for when a stylist accepts a user’s requested appointment
•  The option to rebook with a stylist if the experience was positive
•  Prompts to rate a stylist and add a tip after an appointment

Wireframe UX of glam app screens.

5 iPhones in a row, each showing a different screen of The Glam App.


What started as a one-pager with the initial launch of The Glam App evolved into a more informative and interactive site promoting all the reasons why to use the app. It also served as a platform where stylists, makeup artists and nail techs could apply to work with the brand and manage their profiles and schedules.

An open laptop showing the homepage of


While The Glam App offers obvious benefits to its end users, it’s also appealing to stylists looking to grow their freelance business—connecting them directly with customers and providing the chance to generate their own clientele even while working at a salon (with a bigger cut than most salons offer). Inphantry built the online portal where bookable stylists could log in to edit their customer-facing profiles and set their weekly availability. Based on what was entered there, the app only notified stylists of an appointment request in their area during their scheduled working hours.

Wireframes of the Glam stylist portal (web)