Bringing Data to Life

The Trade Desk BMF Agency


Demonstrate the power of The Trade Desk’s media analytics platform to brands and agencies at the Adweek Conference


Big data is a constant conversation in the world of media analytics, but we rarely think about how our every day interactions inform decisions made by advertisers around the world. By developing a series of interactive vignettes, the audience at Adweek could be treated to a surprising experience that showcased how media insights can be gleaned from even the most ordinary situations


3 separate experiences featuring physical computing such as Arduino technology were developed based on things we do on a daily basis: Cooking meals in the kitchen, taking a shower, and exercising. When participants interacted with the vignettes – throwing jabs at a punching bag, picking up pots and pans in the kitchen or activating a shower simulation – they triggered facts and data cleverly displayed within the experiences. Viewers were surprised to see the powerful insights The Trade Desk can gather about our preferences by something that is almost always playing in the background – music.


With over 150,000 attendees at Adweek, The Trade Desk left brands and advertisers with a memorable experience that showed how their platform can generate insights via services such as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Soundcloud, Tidal and more. The experience was so successful that it was later repurposed for a Wall Street Journal conference.