Inspiring a New Direction

A.W. Hastings


A.W. Hastings, a leading products and service provider for the construction and building industry had a plan to alter its course. It needed to communicate this plan to employees and partners in a way that illustrated its vision for the for the future of the home building industry.


The building industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology, but A.W. Hastings had made great strides in reimagining the user experience. Technological achievement however, was contributing to fear and insecurity amongst employees and retailers. By giving these important stakeholders a glimpse into the future and showing them how they could not only survive, but thrive, we could create an opportunity to change the conversation.


To challenge people to envision the possibilities of the future, INPHANTRY created a story that could be told through a very human and relatable perspective – that of a young couple starting a family. The spot was done entirely in-house and included screenwriting, casting, video and audio production, and motion graphics. INPHANTRY then delivered a presentation to a live audience at the annual Hastings Forum that delved into the importance of user experience and creative technology to help educate hundreds of stakeholders.


In addition to INPHANTRY’s presentation, the FutureVision video was used to introduce the keynote speech that was delivered by Hastings’ CEO. The conversations that followed during the course of the event helped amplify Hastings’ rallying cry and drive home the significance of their new #DigitallyDriven mantra.