VH1 Pop-Up-Palooza

Augmenting Nostalgia

VH1 Awestruck


Re-introduce VH1’s classic show, Pop-Up Video, to a new generation of fans. Live, on stage at Lollapalooza.


The beloved 90’s program’s signature blend of humor and nostalgia was at risk of being lost on younger concert-goers who were unfamiliar with the show and had no context for what they would be seeing on screen. But as with any new experience, sometimes the best approach is to learn-by-doing.


Using a custom-built system that combined AR tracking with a standard DLSR camera and branded props equipped with QR Codes, INPHANTRY treated crowds to an unexpected live performance. In the midst of the concert, a large LED display teased VH1’s Pop-up Video by turning fans into featured players of the show itself in a real-time, interactive AR experience.


From sarcastic, augmented reality speech bubbles to rocking out with an AR guitar, concert-goers delighted at the sight of themselves being placed in an live-action episode of Pop-Up Video. And through the experience, VH1 was able to re-create nostalgia for an entirely new audience.