Legrand Eliot Launch

Getting Personal with IoT



Craft an experience that could enable a deeper understanding of IoT technology while entertaining viewers at the launch of the Legrand Eliot Initiative.


While the Internet of Things refers to how our physical world is becoming increasingly connected, many individuals have a varying understanding of the future tech. With this in mind, it was imperative to bring the concept down to earth and find a way to tell a story where individuals could see themselves in the world of IoT.


Enter Sophie, a woman who fully harnesses the power of Eliot through key Legrand products, as well as a myriad of future solutions. To bring her story to life, INPHANTRY produced, shot, animated and edited a 360 projection mapped original video experience. And to create a deeper personal connection, a VR version of the experience was developed in partnership with Samsung.


Hundreds of attendees who came to the launch event expecting to learn more about Legrand’s Eliot Initiative, were instead taken on an entertaining journey that offered a deeper understanding of the world of IoT, as well as a glimpse of their place in it.